images that speak

april 3rd to may 16th, 2015

Text by Christopher Eamon

mainstreeters: taking advantage, 1972–1982

january 9th to march 14th, 2015

Text by Allison Collins and Michael Turner


Sarah Davidson

welcome to screenland

july 11th to september 13rd, 2014

Essay by Carolyn Jervis

queering citizenship

may 16th to june 28th, 2014

Text by Derrick Chang

cindy sherman meets dzunuk’wa: from the michael and inna o’brian collection

february 14th to march 29th, 2014

Text by Karen Duffek

wild: interviews with karin bubaš, cameron kerr, evan lee, and alison yip

Text by Sarah Davidson

anspayaxw: an installation for voice, image, and sound

july 24th to october 26th, 2013


paradise lost? contemporary works from the pacific

september 13th to august 31st, 2013

Introduction by Carol E. Mayer

high fire culture: locating leach/hamada in west coast studio pottery

may 24th to july 6th, 2013

Preface by Shelly Rosenblum

Essay by Nora Vaillant

full frontal

april 12th to may 13th, 2013

Text by Katie Schroeder

(e)merging art/music/poetry: the vancouver artpunk archive of
doreen grey

november 23rd, 2012 to january 26th, 2013

Text by Dennis Mills

projections: the paintings of henry speck, udzi'stalis

july 14th to september 15th, 2012

Text by Karen Duffek and Marica Crosby

elegant disorder: perspectives on porcelain

may 12th to june 23rd, 2012

Text by Louis-Alexandre Douesnard-Malo

broken borders

march 10th to may 5th, 2012

Text by Adriana Estrada Centelles

peter morin's museum: an installation with performances

april 20th to july 3rd, 2011

Texts by Karen Duffek and Peter Morin