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For the past five years, Satellite Gallery has provided a downtown Vancouver art space committed to supporting contemporary art practices, institutional collaboration, and student and public engagement through experimental approaches. The 29 exhibitions held at Satellite Gallery represented a diverse array of artistic and curatorial methodologies that spoke to the versatility of the shared space and responded to the gallery’s site on a local, provincial, regional, and international level.

With programs such as LAB, Guerilla Knitters, GO8, and The Graey, Satellite Gallery also served as an active hub for community engagement dedicated to fostering youth involvement with the local arts scene. By providing a platform for spontaneous art intervention and community-based workshops, the gallery has demonstrated the value of providing meaningful learning opportunities through experimental tactics and public programming that challenge traditional gallery conventions.

The achievements of Satellite Gallery would not have been realized without the energy and commitment of our institutional partners—Charles H. Scott Gallery (ECUAD), the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery (UBC), the Museum of Anthropology (UBC), and Presentation House Gallery—and our staff, volunteers, and interns. Satellite Gallery was founded and generously supported by the Michael O’Brian Family Foundation.

Pleased stay tuned for announcements of Satellite Gallery’s future! Although these doors are closing, we hope to ultimately open others in a new venue. Thank you for your continuing interest and support.