mainstreeters: taking advantage, 1972-1982

january 9 to march 14, 2015

Satellite Gallery launches a new exhibition that uncovers an under-recognized chapter of Vancouver art history.

the port / matthew buckingham: obscure moorings

october 3 to december 6, 2014

Satellite Gallery presents a new exhibition, The Port/Matthew Buckingham: Obscure Moorings, that looks at the points of contact between the Maritime worker and the port city and, by extension, the maritime worker’s place within the urban economy.

welcome to screenland

july 11 to september 13, 2014

What do we go onto the internet to experience? As televisions and computers have found their way into the privacy of our living rooms, and smart phones are now our constant companions, how these devices virtually restructure our personal, emotional, and psychic lives has become an urgent question.The mediation of everyday life though technological advancements is not new.

queering citizenship

may 16 to june 28, 2014

From Vancouver's West End to Zagreb, Croatia, Satellite Gallery's upcoming exhibition Queering Citizenship, which opens on May 15 at 6pm, reflects a landscape that is socially and politically diverse.

extended party mix

april 16 to may 2, 2014

Satellite Gallery invites four first year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) students from the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at the University of British Columbia to create an experimental, site responsive collaboration using the gallery's exhibition spaces.

cindy sherman meets dzunuk’wa: from the michael and inna o’brian collection

february 14 to march 29, 2014

The private collection of vancouver-based arts patrons, Michael and Inna O'Brian, is the focus of this first collaborative exhibition by the four partner institutions at Satellite Gallery.

moyra davey: ornament and reproach

november 8, 2013 to february 1, 2014

Moyra Davey is an acclaimed photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in New York. This exhibition presents notable projects that Davey has undertaken with curator John Goodwin since 1993.

anspayaxw: an installation for voice, image, and sound

september 13th to october 26th, 2013

Anspayaxw is an immersive sound-and-photographic installation for twelve channels of audio diffusion, created in 2010 by Canadian artist John Wynne in collaboration with photographer Denise Hawrysio, linguist Tyler Peterson, and members of the indigenous Gitxsan community at Anspayaxw (Kispiox, British Columbia).

ten thousand suns

september 13th to october 26th, 2013

Satellite Gallery presents Ten Thousand Suns, a new group exhibition that features works in sculpture, audio, video and performance by Rebecca Belmore, Tanya Tagaq, Luke Parnell, Guadalupe Martinez, Abbas Akhavan, Jamie Look, Ali Ahadi, Erin Siddall, Carlos Colín and Brianne Nord-Stewart. These artists investigate our past and present relationships to resource extraction, the body and land.

paradise lost? contemporary works from the pacific

july 24th to august 31st, 2013

The Pacific islands occupy a place in the western imagination as a paradise filled with idyllic beaches and lush, tropical landscapes inhabited by dusky maidens. With historical precedents in the accounts of European explorers, these perceptions were later re-invented and popularized by Hollywood films in the 1920s through the ’50s.

high fire culture: locating leach/hamada in west coast studio pottery

may 24th to july 6th, 2013

High Fire Culture features the work of west coast potters Lari Robson, Sam Kwan, Andrew Wong, Ron Vallis, Cris Giuffrida, Heinz Laffin, Vincent Massey, Martin Peters, and Hiro Urakami.

full frontal

april 12th to may 11th, 2013

Drawn from the collection of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Full Frontal explores the relationship between masculinity and male sexuality, and why the image of a naked man, baring all, is one of society’s last taboos.


february 15th to march 30th, 2013

This exhibition takes an in-depth look at the news photography archives of the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers. This unique archive holds a breadth of material that includes hundreds of thousands of photographs from as early as the 1880s.

(e)merging art/music/poetry: the vancouver artpunk archive of doreen grey

november 23rd, 2012 to janurary 26th, 2013

Satellite Gallery presents a rare glimpse into the video archive of the late activist and filmmaker Lenore Herb. Between 1979 and 1982, Herb, also known as Doreen Grey, documented Vancouver's vibrant punk music, poetry and visual arts scene amassing an archive of some 1000 hours of video tape.


september 28th to november 10th, 2012

Dorothy is a new series of works by Vancouver-based artist Myfanwy MacLeod. The exhibition at Satellite Gallery features origami sculptures and photographs of origami designs, each made from pages of a Playboy magazine in which Vancouver-born playmate, Dorothy Stratten, appears as a centerfold.

projections: the paintings of henry speck, udzi’stalis

july 14th to september 15th, 2012

The Kwakwaka’wakw artist Henry Speck, or Udzi’stalis (1908 – 1971), became a “newly discovered phenomenon” in 1964 when his paintings of masked dancers, coastal creatures, and sea monsters were shown at Vancouver’s New Design Gallery.

elegant disorder: perspectives on porcelain

may 12th to june 23rd, 2012

Elegant Disorder: Perspectives on Porcelainis a group exhibition featuring contemporary artists Paul Mathieu, Sin-Ying Ho, Shelley Miller, Elizabeth Zvonar and Brendan Tang. Presented at Satellite Gallery, this exhibition engages with the history of porcelain—in particular, contemporary expressions of the blue-and-white motifs reminiscent of Chinese Ming Dynasty wares. With more than a dozen works on display touching on pottery, sculpture and photography, this exhibition joins new perspectives to familiar porcelain motifs.

broken borders

march 10th to may 5th, 2012

Satellite Gallery and Access Gallery co-present Mexican curator Adriana Estrada Centelles’ group exhibition Broken Borders. The exhibition reflects on the sociopolitical situation that has affected Mexico and more recently other countries, such as Canada and the United States, for the past six years—the drug war.

palomar: michael morris

january 25th to march 23rd, 2012

Michael Morris has been a key figure of the west coast art scene since the 1960s, and his contribution to the development of vancouver as an important city for contemporary art has been immense. Satellite Gallery presents Palomar: Michael Morris, an exhibition of work by Morris that complements his larger exhibition at the Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Letters: Michael Morris and Concrete Poetry.

nature, knowledge and the knower: james l. clark archives and the construction of habitat dioramas at the american museum of natural history

october 29th to january 14th, 2012

A new exhibition at Satellite Gallery offers unprecedented access to the visual archives of artist and explorer James L. (lippit) Clark from the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

gordon payne: new works

september 14th to october 22nd, 2011

Satellite Gallery presents a series of new "cubo-futurist-surrealist" paintings by senior Canadian artist Gordon Payne. Payne began painting in the 1950s, and was associated with the avant-garde scene in Vancouver during the 1960s.

training a fool is not a joke

september 9th to october 22nd, 2011

Brian Lye’s Training a Fool is Not a Joke (2011) is a looped film that takes inspiration from Rodney Graham's Vexation Island (1997). Set in the back yard of a South Vancouver home that is slated for demolition, Lye performs as an apprentice tree pruner who has been hired to remove a large dead branch from a tree.

not photographs: damian moppett + andrea pinheiro

july 8th to august 28th, 2011

The exhibition features new works by two Vancouver-based artists who employ photographs as canvases on which new images are built. Moppett utilizes an array of computer-generated drawing tools to elaborate and adulterate existing photographs, while Pinheiro physically paints on small photographs, then scans and enlarges the subsequent images to larger size. Both artists’ techniques arise out of histories of collage and montage. However, their photographs hover at an uneasy interstice between matrix and image, and at a point where form and content are peculiarly fluid. While the results may be called paintings or photographs, they are both and not.

peter morin's museum

april 20th, 2011 to july 3rd, 2011

Through singing drums, family heirlooms, a talking basket, and cups of tea, artist Peter Morin sets the idea of the museum on the kitchen table. Peter Morin's Museum weaves together familiar practices of museum display with a series of performances and an evolving installation to create a space in which to share Tahltan knowledge. As elements of the "museum" change and transform over time, visitors are invited to reflect on history, objects, and places of connection.

the named and the unnamed: rebecca belmore

february 4th, 2011 to april 10th, 2011

The Named and the Unnamed was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Faces: Works from the Permanent Collection at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia

no windows

november 27th, 2010 to january 23th, 2011

satellite gallery's first group show invites the public to decode the conventions of art and exhibition-making

4 intersections: glenn lewis

october 21st to november 7th, 2010

Satellite Gallery opens with a significant nod to Vancouver’s own history of experimental art, presenting an early video projection of a performance artwork by Vancouver-based artist Glenn Lewis

room divided: glenn lewis

september 29th to october 17th, 2010

Room Divided (1969) is a spatial alteration of the Satellite Gallery that divides the room in half. The architecture is demarcated by dolomite stones laid on the floor, contained by three walls and defined by a line of blue tape.